Geplaatst op 26 September 2017 in Transactions

As of September 2017 FastFlex has become part of Between Group. Between Group, active in the knowledge mediation market, acquired the shares from Q24 Beheer. The acquisition of Fast Flex benefits Between Group through f.e. expansion of the customer file, a wider network of suppliers and professionals and the sharing of knowledge and expertise. FastFlex will remain an independent part within Between Group.

About FastFlex

FastFlex is an independent sourcing partner and managed service provider in the field of resource management. FastFlex takes care of the entire chain of hiring : from proactive bench marking of hiring rates to handling of all contract related issues. FastFlex aims for a prolonged partnerhip and helps clients to achieve the highest yield.

About Q24 Beheer

FastFlex was part of the management company Q24 Beheer, to which also IT service provider and consulting partner QNH Consulting and management trainee organization Young Colfield belong. These two labels employ more than 500 persons. After the sale of FastFlex, Q24 Beheer will focus on the expansion of the consulting activities of QNH Consulting.

About Between Groep

In addition to FastFlex, Between Groep consists of Between, Yellow Friday, and Treefold. These entities are all active in their own specialism within the knowledge mediation market. On a daily basis Between Groep provides work to more than 3.000 professionals. Amongst its clients you will find provinces, universities, multinationals, system integrators and a major part of central government.

Role Catalyst Advisors

Catalyst Advisors acted as advisor to management and Supervisory Board of Q24 Beheer and was responsible for managing the acquisition process, among which the negotiations with the buyer.