Maarten Hopman

Associate Partner

After having finished my study Economics, I started at the Nederlandsche Middenstandsbank as a credit analyst. Following several front office functions, I ended up in corporate finance after the acquisition/merger with Nationale Nederlanden. Building up and managing a Dutch ING (Barings) corporate finance team was fantastic. In those days we often crossed swords with Kempen & Co.

At the end of 2007 I made a transfer to ING Corporate Investments. Our specialty was and is to make direct investments with the banks own equity on a minority basis. Despite the financial crisis of 2008, we always found a way to realize a good plan.

After 37 beautiful years I decided mid 2013 it was time to leave. When Joseph Krant asked me if he could interest me in becoming an Associate Partner at Catalyst, my answer was an unqualified yes. Having spent a beautiful holiday and some leisure time I started at the beginning of 2014.