Nanda van Eck


While obtaining my Bachelor degree in Economics at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, I found that my main area of interest was Corporate Finance. I was challenged by the often complex strategic problems in the context of a financial landscape that is ever changing. Therefore, I made the choice to complete my academic education with a Master in Finance. An internship at Rabobank International, at the M&A Food & Agri department, was my first encounter with the world of investment banking. The internship confirmed that this was the area in which I want to roll out my career path.

I was convinced that I wanted to work at an M&A boutique, due to my positive experience with working in smaller teams. During the job interviews at Catalyst Advisors, I was amazed by the enthusiasm and passion that every partner and employee showed for the Company and its area of expertise. Together with the enormous experience and knowledge of the team, I was confident that Catalyst Advisors was the right company for me.

In my opinion, Catalyst Advisors has a unique position in the Netherlands in the area of mergers, acquisitions, financial issues and capital market transactions. Catalyst Advisors offers ample possibilities for me to grow and gain experience in my field of expertise, and to work together with an outstanding team of professionals.