Geplaatst op 20 September 2016 in Transactions

Since 1 september 2016 OC&C Strategy Consultants Benelux team operates under the name Parthenon-EY. As part of the transaction all 59 professionals, of which six partners, joined Parthenon-EY. “EY brings top-notch global implementation capabilities to augment OC&C Benelux’ strategy to execution and across the M&A spectrum. In addition, Parthenon-EY offers global presence and deep sector expertise, which means we can better serve our clients across geographies and in more sectors.”

About OC&C Strategy Consultants Benelux

The Benelux team is one of the leading strategy consultancy players in the Dutch market. Founded in 1992 by Pieter Witteveen. The pratice has become a preferred strategy consultant for a select number of prestigious clients active in several niche sectors: Consumer & retail, Telecom, Travel, transport & logistics and Business services.

About Parthenon-EY

Parthenon-EY employes more than 800 professionals and operates from 30 offices. In 2014 EY acquired Parthenon. Since than the combination doubled in size. “As the culture of Parthenon-EY and the OC&C Strategy Consultants Benelux team is highly comparable, we believe the combination will be a perfect fit. This also offers unique career opportunities to our professionals. The OC&C Rotterdam office is an important step to build a cohesive scale business across Europe, the Middle East and India. The Dutch partners of the Benelux team are excited to play an important role in pursuing these growth opportunities in Europe.”

Role Catalyst Advisors

Catalyst advisors acted as advisor to the partners of OC&C Benelux team. In addition Catalyst was responsible for the negotiaitons with the buyer and managed the sale process.