Geplaatst op 20 June 2015 in Transactions

In May 2015 ING Corporate Investments acquired a minority stake in Dekker Transport & Tankopslag. Subsequently, Dekker has bought out its joint venture partner in Fludek, and refinancing of the new entity with Rabobank has taken place.

About Dekker

Dekker Transport & Tankopslag is a family business performing transport actvities since 1899. In the late 20th century the company has expanded its activities towards storage and value added services related to edible oils. Dekker is active in the port of Rotterdam, Belgium and Poland.

About ING Corporate Investments

ING Corporate Investments provides risk bearing capital, including equity, preference shares, subordinated/mezzanine products and convertibles.

Role Catalyst Advisors

Catalyst Advisors acted as advisor to Dekker on various aspects relating to the transactions, such as the valuation and transaction structure. In addition Catalyst supported Dekker in the negotiations with ING CI, its joint venture partner and the banksl.