Geplaatst op 20 August 2014 in Transactions

In August 2014 HB Capital acquired a minority stake in Koning & Hartman by acquiring existing, and newly issued shares. Koning & Hartman has a turnover of approximately € 120 million.

About Koning & Hartman

Koning Hartman is a unique technology company specialised in managing business
critical systems in telecom, industry and infrastructure. The technical products,
services and systems of Koning & Hartman are used in mobile  networks,
fixed (fiber) networks, revolving doors, medical robot arms, baggage belts,
water purification and control rooms.

About HB Capital

HB Capital (formerly Breedinvest) is the investment company of the Blokker family. HB Capital invests in small- and mid-sized companies with an experienced management team and strong market position in various sectors in the Benelux. HB Capital has a long-term focus and targets both minority and majority stakes.

Role Catalyst Advisors

Catalyst Advisors acted as advisor to Koning & Hartman and advised on various topics, including the valuation and structuring of the transaction.
In addition Catalyst negotiated with HB Capital.