Geplaatst op 20 December 2014 in Transactions

In November 2014 Polyganics, a biomedical company based in Groningen, sold its
activities in the field of ENT to one of the world’s leading medical technology companies (name non disclosed), in an asset purchase transaction.

About Polyganics

Polyganics develops, manufactures and markets innovative biomedical products
based on bioresorbable polymers. The Company was founded in 1998 as a spin off
from the Groningen University. Polyganics has developed a portfolio of CE and FDA
approved products in the field of ENT (ear, nose, throat) surgery, general surgery,
and peripheral nerve repair. Products are sold via a worldwide network of distributors.

Role Catalyst Advisors

Catalyst Advisors acted as advisor to Polyganics. In addition, Catalyst was
responsible for the negotiations with the buyer and managed the sale process.